How It Works

How does the TMC work?


A platform that enables innovation. Simply.

There is no limit to the capabilities of the TMC. Digital insurance. Geofencing. Preventive maintenance. Large-scale vehicle fleet management. It’s all possible. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

The Transportation Mobility Cloud is the foundation for an ecosystem that can change the way we live. Connectivity alone is not enough.

The mobility industry is complex and fragmented. To create a revolutionary experience that can truly improve and change the way we use vehicles and how we get around, we need a simple, unified way to interact with them. The TMC makes this possible in many ways.

Some features include…

Application Integration
The TMC provides APIs for developers to securely and easily access and leverage the processed connected vehicle data.
Command & Control
The TMC can turn over an ignition or manage an electric vehicle’s charging schedule by sending remote instructions to vehicles.
Remote Software & Configuration
The TMC can be used to send configuration updates to connected vehicles over the air.
Data Processing
The TMC processes and prepares raw vehicle data to support a variety of applications. For example, vehicle fleet management metrics such as hard acceleration and idling are derived from the raw connected vehicle data.
The TMC receives raw information from multiple sources in the connected vehicle cloud, archives them for redundancy, and converts the data into a standardized format.
Device Integration
The TMC offers secure, bi-directional communication between devices and the cloud via multiple protocols, including gRPC and MQTT.

We need a platform that application developers can use to build services and experiences for any connected vehicle. And we need a platform that automakers can use to transmit normalized vehicle data directly to their partners. The Transportation Mobility Cloud is that platform.

Developers can interact with vehicles using simple, easy-to-use APIs. Automakers can connect their vehicles to the platform using our cloud-to-cloud or direct-to-device services. We take care of everything in between, from authentication and provisioning to command transactions and data delivery.

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