Meet Me in 5 (Questions): Amy Tyrrell

Jan 24, 2023

Welcome to Autonomic’s Meet Me in 5 (Questions) series where we feature the passionate individuals who inspire our work. We met with Amy Tyrrell, Senior Technical Recruiter, to learn about her experience recruiting in the technology world and hear all about her role at Autonomic. Amy helps recruit our software engineers and she is passionate about finding the best fit for both our team and our candidates.

1. What attracted you to Autonomic?

I owned a recruiting agency and worked independently for thirteen years. During that time, I was contracted to complete several searches for Autonomic and ended up filling five key positions across our organization. I eventually became a part-time employee recruiting for IT roles at a billion-dollar healthcare company, when I came across a full-time position at Autonomic. Since I had such a great experience working with the team in the past, I reached out to apply. Overall, I really loved my team members and the positive environment at Autonomic. It’s been a great fit and I feel fortunate to have found this role.

2. What is your favorite thing about recruiting in the tech space?

I have always enjoyed recruiting in the tech space because it’s challenging and our industry is constantly changing, which keeps things interesting. I also love learning about new technological advances, and I’ve met many intelligent people along the way. I appreciate having the opportunity to recruit qualified women for tech roles, especially since women have historically been underrepresented in our field.

3. As a highly-distributed company, how do we interview candidates who aren’t located near one of our offices?

Whether someone is remote or planning on coming into the office once in a while, we conduct virtual “onsite” interviews. Most teams aren’t too concerned with where someone is located as long as they are within our registered jurisdictions and are the right fit for the role. Since teams are distributed across time zones, there is usually some flexibility for the candidate in determining which hours work best for them.

4. How do you help set candidates up for success?

I communicate very directly and openly with each candidate. It’s my job to set realistic expectations up front, with both the candidate and the hiring manager. I emphasize the soft and technical skills needed for the role and make sure it’s a good fit. I prepare the candidate by giving them an overview of our interview process and helping them understand the expectations of each step they will complete. I follow up often and make myself available throughout the entire hiring process. I focus on building strong professional relationships with my candidates. As a recruiter, I am usually the first person at Autonomic they come in contact with, so it’s very important that I help ensure they have a positive candidate experience.

5. What tips do you have for someone thinking about applying or interviewing at Autonomic?

Take the time to research our organization and select a couple of roles that pique your interest and align with your skill set. Be prepared for technical conversations, including live coding exercises with engineers. Get ready to meet some of the kindest and smartest people you’ll want to work with in your career!