Meet Me in 5 (Questions): Sanyogeeta Lawande

Jul 14, 2022

Welcome to Autonomic’s Meet Me in 5 (Questions) series where we feature the passionate individuals who inspire our work. We sat down with Sanyogeeta Lawande, a software engineer on our Vehicle State Services team, to learn more about her experience at Autonomic and the exciting things she’s working on.

1. What do you appreciate most about working at Autonomic?

There is a sense of transparency and openness at Autonomic. I can reach out to anyone, including leadership, regarding any issues I am experiencing. Everyone is understanding and willing to provide support. Our people are also very fun to work with. I get to meet and work alongside so many incredibly talented individuals, which makes my role far more entertaining. In addition, I truly enjoy working with our platform. The Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) is a complex system and I get to learn new things and solve different puzzles everyday, which keeps things interesting.

2. Has your role changed at all since starting at Autonomic? If so, how?

I have grown a lot professionally and personally throughout my journey at Autonomic. I started as an intern and now I’m one of the Subject Matter Experts on my team. I went from dealing with coding smaller features to designing bigger features. On a personal level, I have become much more confident. I was a very shy person before joining Autonomic and now I feel much more comfortable offering my opinion.

3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on lately?

We are currently working on making our deployments much easier and our service even more resilient and scalable. It’s definitely an exciting challenge. It’s been a fun experience to think about how to design solutions for complex problems. I have been really grateful that I had the opportunity to design such features because other software engineers might not get the chance to design. Autonomic is willing to train and provide growth opportunities. Leadership is also willing to consider and potentially implement our ideas, which empowers me to continue sharing my opinion.

4. How would you describe the TMC to a 10 year old?

The TMC is the platform that makes it possible to do things like start your vehicle from an application or see where your vehicle is located.

5. How do you think the TMC will impact the future? 

More and more people will rely on using an application to access their cars. If we go in the direction of analyzing the data we have, it could allow us to predict traffic patterns, which will ultimately help us avoid car crashes and could save a lot of lives.