Meet the Telemetry Team with Aimme Keener

Jan 17, 2023

Autonomic is revolutionizing the way we interact with our vehicles on a global scale, and our Telemetry Team is leveraging the power of data to help us lead the charge. We met with Aimme Keener, Director of Engineering for our Telemetry Services, to find out how her team is enabling better mobility experiences for our customers.

Our Telemetry Team has the unique opportunity of handling all the data that comes off each and every vehicle on our platform. They define, normalize, and enrich this data, and make it easy for customers to apply filters to view the specific elements they are looking for and consume them in real-time. In other words, our Telemetry Team processes complex data and translates it into simple information that can be used by our customers.

“The most interesting thing about working on the telemetry team has to be the amount of data we process and deliver at scale. People don’t usually have the opportunity to work with data in the billions each day, and we deal with it in real-time,” Aimme said.

So, how can all this data be used?

There are no limits on what telemetry can be used to accomplish, so we’ll highlight a few examples you may be familiar with. Telemetry makes it possible to alert car owners of a flat tire before they head out to work. Automobile manufacturers can be instantly notified of potential warranty issues, which they can resolve via over-the-air updates to help avoid recalls. Fleet managers are able to monitor their fleets in real-time so maintenance issues can be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Aimme enjoys working with her team, stating “Being a Telemetry Team member means that you will be working on some of the hardest problems at Autonomic. We work with large volumes of data in both near real-time and historical contexts. We encounter a lot of complexities while supporting data with both of these timeframes. We know our services are also critical to our customers. They make business decisions based on every piece of data we send them. Working on telemetry services, we see the value of what we’re working on every single day. Value in the problems we are solving and the value we bring to our customers.