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About Our Platform

What if a platform could turn vision into reality?


Powerful. Versatile. Forward Thinking.

The TMC was built with developers in mind, enabling them to rapidly create applications that interact with vehicles in real time. With its API-driven design, the TMC abstracts away the complexities of working with different vehicles and connectivity devices.

We designed the TMC around a set of guiding principles. We built the platform so it can adapt with any business. It leverages the best of IoT and distributed systems. And it’s built in such a way that it sets the standard for the automotive industry.

The Transportation Mobility Cloud can…

Provide bidirectional communication between vehicles and applications
Securely ingest, normalize, and enrich connected vehicle data in real time
Give developers secure and easy access to the processed data, including telemetry, analytics, geolocation events, or vehicle metadata via APIs
Equip vehicle manufacturers to generate revenue from the data locked inside their vehicles with a far more cost-effective alternative to developing infrastructure, a proprietary platform, communications methods, or partnerships