Our Values

Seven values.
One purpose.

The Autonomic Core Values set forth the forward-thinking approach that guides our employees and organizational mission. We live out these values every day when interacting with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Passion. We seek people who are experts in their field—or those who could become experts—and empower them to excel. We look for those who are willing to be hands-on and consistently aim to exceed expectations. To achieve this, we should be passionate about what we do and be driven to succeed.

Sense of Urgency. Decisions should be made with a sense of urgency. If we can get it done today, we should. Smart decisions are made and then executed upon.

Trust. Our environment is built on trust. We seek team members who we can trust to do their job, and then we let them do it. Co-workers should trust one another and know that they can rely on each other to get the job done. All employees are held accountable; if someone isn’t carrying their weight, their performance should be addressed.

Integrity. We do the right thing when no one is looking, even when it’s hard. Company policies are required to be followed to maintain a safe and productive environment for all.

Transparency. Communication should be open and honest at all levels. Leaders must be approachable. Feedback is encouraged and listened to. Leaders should also strive to share the company vision and goals, and to explain how the work of their team relates to those goals. We should all expect open and honest communication about what is working and what isn’t working regardless of the forum.

Customer-focused. Decisions should be made with the customers’ best interests in mind. We focus on how we can deliver the best possible product and outcome to our customers.

Positivity. When obstacles arise, we handle challenges in a positive manner. We focus on solving problems and overcoming them together as a team, building a stronger organization along the way.

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“I’ve always been impressed by the people at Autonomic. Our team is what makes us Autonomic.”
Rich Strader, Senior Advisor and Autonomic Board Member 2017-2022
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