Our Vision

The future of mobility deserves a leader.


At Autonomic, we’re shaping the future — and it’s extraordinary.

When every vehicle is capable of receiving over-the-air updates, it can evolve with you. When you can access real-time telemetry, a retail owner can customize their experience, a fleet manager can manage their vehicles with greater precision, and an automaker can develop more ways to improve vehicle efficiency. We capture vehicle data at an unprecedented volume and speed, providing a single, unifying platform to support millions of vehicles and mobility services around the world. The Transportation Mobility Cloud is the new foundation that connected vehicles deserve.

#1largest global connected vehicle cloud
10 Billion
((( telemetry signals )))
processed each day

Software, services, and experiences powered by Autonomic make people love their cars more and provide companies with new ways to stand out.

Over-The-Air Updates
Deploy software updates to vehicles from the cloud. Use the Transportation Mobility Cloud to deliver cutting-edge features, offer must-have services, and reduce warranty claims.
Command and Control
The TMC offers bidirectional communication to support everyday conveniences such as locking and starting a vehicle as well as future-focused functionality to better manage fleets, EVs, and AVs. Send, manage, and monitor command responses with ease.
Receive persistent, real-time streams of vehicle telemetry for any number of vehicles. Monitor applications that need to query data from one vehicle at a time, or fleet management dashboards that need to query data on a group of vehicles.
Vehicle Fleet Management
The TMC allows fleet managers to unlock the power of connected vehicle data, including geolocation, vehicle health, driver behavior, and fuel consumption on a large scale.

This extraordinary future is safer. More informed. And more joyful. We are setting the standard for modern vehicle connectivity.

Our Values

It takes a diverse and dedicated team to build a platform that can unleash the endless possibilities of connected vehicles.