Why We Created the TMC Feedback Portal

Dec 22, 2020

We care deeply about providing the best possible product and experience for the users of our platform — the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). For us to succeed, we need to understand what our users need to succeed. We need to collect feedback.

While we already received feedback through customer support tickets and customer satisfaction surveys, we sought to close the gap between our customers and our development teams even further. We wanted to understand what features could truly elevate our users’ experience with our product. So, leaning into our customer-focused values, we decided to offer users a way to directly influence our development process and launched the TMC Feedback Portal.

Product Development is a continuous cycle of improvement.

Users can use the TMC Feedback Portal to share ideas, elaborate on requests, and upvote community suggestions. This collection of comments and actions help us understand in greater detail the issues our users care about most and what new features might help solve their toughest problems. In addition, upvotes allow us to quickly prioritize new features and add them to the roadmap.

A key component of making the TMC Feedback Portal successful is communication, not just from our users to us but also from us to our users. Alongside the portal, we have also established a review process to ensure that each submission is read and acknowledged. Each week, we gather new portal submissions and prepare them for review with our product leads. Once reviewed, submissions are updated with a response and status label to indicate where it stands in the development process. For example, some may have enough detail to be added to the roadmap directly, some may need more information, and others may be out of scope and require a different solution. By responding directly to each portal submission, we are able to engage users in more dynamic conversation and be more transparent in our development process.

Ultimately, we created the TMC Feedback Portal so we could actively collect and respond to feedback on an ongoing basis. In order to build effective products and solve the right problems, it’s important that we listen, communicate, and collaborate with the people using them. Creating the TMC Feedback Portal helps us by making this exchange easy, approachable, and transparent. By incorporating our users’ voice in the development process, we can ensure that we are creating a product that will best serve our users and enable their success.